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Royal Mail Service

Quality service to their customers is the benchmark that Royal Mail has proudly stood for when delivering items and packages for the citizens of the United Kingdom.

That commitment to service is shown every working day as Royal Mail handles over 84 millions items, mostly letters and packages, utilizing a network of almost 14,500 post offices located in all parts of the United Kingdom. Deliveries are made six days each week excluding Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Royal Mail customers can chose from a variety of letter and package delivery options that will best suit their needs. First class deliveries are generally delivered on the next business day. From economically priced standard parcels to sameday service, where your mail is guaranteed to arrive the day you send it.

The top quality service Royal Mail delivers each day does not end with the delivering the mail. Customers can find out the latest information and services, check out current pricing, locations of our postal offices, purchase stamps and stationary, and seek advice on the best methods to deliver their letters and packages all on the Royal Mail website. They can even redirect or resend mail that is already in transit.

Royal Mail’s cost effective international service features two choices for their customers. The cost efficient standard airmail service or they can choose to upgrade to Airsure, which tracks packages up to 30 international destinations.
Royal Mail offers a wide variety of choices for those who wish to personalize their mail for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or special events when customers want to add a personal touch.

Small businesses, corporations and even the public sector can find plenty of options using Royal Mail. From franking machines that can reduce your overhead costs to discounts on bulk mailing, marketing advice, online tools to track your deliveries and environmentally sound solutions to keep the planet green, Along with its regular stamped mail service, Royal Mail operates another section known as business mail, where the senders print their own stamp for postal payment. This service has attracted many businesses because of its reduced rates for sending mail in bulk using a specific bar code.

And they can take advantage or Royal Mail’s unique Delivery Promise Tool, which analyses websites and offers advice to improve their delivery service, something small business owners consider of great value.

The services provided by Royal Mail do not end with our delivery of packages and letters; there are also special services for the blind that includes free postal services and easy collection. For many years, the Royal Mail Group has proudly supported literacy programs and numeracy curriculum in our primary schools and now offers the same support for secondary schools and adult education programs.

Customers in rural areas can take advantage of the Postbus service, which picks up not only the post, but passengers as well twice a day so people in the most remote villages can get around and keep in touch.

And finally for the collector in all of us, Royal Mail offers a wide range of products to chose. From Royal Mail stamps sheets celebrating popular events to postcards, precious metals, overseas favorites and all the accessories one needs to enhance their collection.

For over three centuries, Royal Mail has proven to be the standard of quality service to their customers in the United Kingdom.

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